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I grew up watching my father work in a basement workshop surrounded by boxes of tiny brass gears and a completely assembled H&O railroad. He would spend hours designing and assembling intricate model railroad kits.  Although my dad died many years ago, his spirit and commitment to detail are very much a part of who I am today.

As a Sculpture Major at The Rhode Island School of Design, I was exposed to all of the typical sculptural media - clay, wood, stone and even plastic.  But, after my first visit to the school foundry, I knew that I had found my medium of choice - bronze.  From my first casting over 20 years ago as a sculptor to my jewelry and belt buckles of today, I have remained loyal to my passion of bronze casting. Strongly influenced by ancient Chinese objects and vessels, I have incorporated their attention to detail and form into my own work.

As a sculptor, my work has been shown in galleries throughout the Northeast.  As a craftsperson, my bronze belt buckles and jewelry are shown at major craft shows from Maine to Virginia.